Definitely it can be hard to have a starting point. Having a guide is optimal best idea. My best experiences have been the guidance, common goals, and good people. I feel very happy.


GED Exam Prep leaner

I came into this program because I wanted to further my education and also find a job. It was great to meet new people who share similar interests, and are willing to support each other. Now I am more confident about my approach at finding a job. I am also more confident to take the GED test although I have failed in two attempts. I have already started recommending this course for lots of my friends. I urge them to call and join asap!


GED Exam Prep leaner

It took a lot of push myself to take this course because I was scared. But meeting friends going through the same thing is reassuring. Now I know it was worth it. I feel satisfied with myself. I feel fulfilled and proud about myself. It was much easier than I thought. The experience is everything, and I encourage everyone who hasn’t graduated to take part in it.


GED Exam Prep leaner

Moving from Quebec to Grande Prairie, my goal was to improve my English for travelling! I was comfortable with the small class. The teacher will not judgmental if I speak bad English. My teacher is amazing. She knows how to adapt to different peoples. I made friends in the class. This is the best English immersion class for me.

Lise André

ESL learner from Quebec

Success Stories


Amal joined our ESL class for 1 year, and continued in our Family Literacy class with her daughter for another year. Last year (2016), her daughter enrolled in a Montessori Preschool program. Also, due to the English language skills Amal received from our ESL program, she has now obtained her GED certificate and her Alberta Driver’s License. In the Spring of 2017, Amal joined our Basic Computer Class and upon completion decided to take lessons in MS Word and Excel at an advanced level. In the Fall of 2017, Amal joined our team as a part-time Facilitator in the Family Literacy program for parents/guardians and their preschoolers.

Lada from Russia

Lada enrolled in our ESL program, and afterwards requested for one of our volunteer tutors to help her improve her English Language skills. After several months of assistance from the tutor, Lada saw improvement in her reading, writing, and speaking. She was then able to enroll in a bookkeeping course at the Grande Prairie Regional College (GPRC). Now she has successfully completed the program and is working as a bookkeeper in Grande Prairie.

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