About Us

Grande Prairie Council for Lifelong Learning

The Grande Prairie Council for Lifelong Learning Society was incorporated in 1984. We have been a partner in the Lions Learning Centre since its 2003 opening. The Council is also a member of the about 120 Community Adult Learning Programs (CALP) organizations across the province of Alberta that address part-time non-formal, and non-credit adult education needs of adults within specific geographic boundaries, especially people with financial or other barriers. We provide adults a pathway to lifelong learning through active programming and leadership that are responsive to the community. Through our programs and services, adults develop their literacy and numeracy skills, employability skills, family life, and dreams to pursue further education.


  • Accountability
  • Opportunity
  • Respect
  • Ability
  • Support

Our Vision:

The Council for Lifelong Learning is the pre-eminent provider of impactful adult learning that transforms learners’ lives.

Mission Statement

Empower adult learners to break down barriers with
the skills, confidence, and the ability to start and
continue to learn effectively for a lifetime.


Our mandate as a registered society is to provide adult learning programs and services related to employment, literacy, career  upgrading, English as an Additional Language (EAL), and public education.

The Grande Prairie Council for Lifelong Learning became a registered       non-profit society in March 1984. The Council works within the guidelines set by Alberta Learning, Community Adult Learning Program, Policy and Operating Requirements. The Council has been a partner in the Lions Learning Centre since its 2003 opening.


 In mid 1974, a group of five concerned citizens of Grande Prairie formed a committee to coordinate facility use, booking and delivery of non-credit course offerings. The committee members consisted of representatives from the City, College, and public and separate school boards. One year later, responding to an incredible demand for non-credit learning, over 1300 people took more than 40 courses sponsored by the committee which now had a new name and a new home. The Standing Committee on Recreation and Education (SCORE), was now based out of college. In 1982, SCORE moved its home to the GP Public School District office, where they remained until early 1984. The committee then adopted their present name, the Grande Prairie Council for Lifelong Learning, and gained society status.

Board of Directors

Chairman : Joel Kisner


Treasurer :

Director : Rana Al-Slaa

Director : Tamara Wuttunee-Campbell

Director : Brandi Abbot

Director : Solomon Okhifoh

Director : Almas Choudhry