Literacy and Adult Learning

Empower adult learners to break down barriers with
the skills, confidence, and the ability to start and
continue to learn effectively for a lifetime.

The Council for Lifelong Learning

We offer literacy and adult learning programs and services for all adults and families.


Our Programming

Basic Life Skills include Public Education workshops, foundational literacy and numeracy, English as a Second or an Additional Language (ESL/EAL).

Family Literacy focuses on developing skills through literacy activities in our parent and child classes.

Employability Enhancement includes GED Exam Prep, Computer Skills training, English as a Second or an Additional Language (ESL/EAL), Customized Training and Volunteer Tutoring.


We believe in fulfilling our mandate and being accountable to our learners.


We believe in barrier-free learning that is accessible, inclusive, and affordable.


We believe everyone has the right to be treated with respect and dignity.


We believe everyone has the ability to learn, grow, and succeed.


We believe that by working together everyone achieves more.